Aria is known as the Air-Mother, and is one of the oldest goddesses known in Aika, having been birthed together with Alrianne by Ahir before the beginning of time. She is the goddess of the air, and is honoured most people, because of her influence over the weather. Chief among them are farmers, sailors and those who are heading on journeys.


There are several temples to Aria throughout Aika, located at the tops of moutains, hills and cliffs, where the wind whistles the loudest. These temples are tended by her ordained, known as the Ilmaana, who decorate them with wind chimes and prayer flags. Their hymns usually mimic the sounds of the wind, and are often without any lyrics. This can be quite disturbing to those who are not used to worshipping Aria in a temple.

People usually worship Aria at the little shrine that is found next to the front door of most homes. It is there that small offerings of food and feathers are left, in the hopes that the weather will be pleasant when going outside, or that the rains will come when needed by the farmers. Because of this, Aria is usually seen as a lively and helpful goddess who is very much on the side of her faithful.


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