Ceriares, also known as Sune, is the goddess of the moon, women and healing. She is the daughter of Bel the Tree-Father, and Aria the Sky-Mother. She is a subdued and maternal person, who cares for her faithful deeply. Of all the gods, she is said to hear the most prayers, and those prayers are among the most fervent. There is no infirmary in Aika that does not have at least one shrine to her, regardless of the beliefs of those who run the establishment. Her worship is widespread enough that this had to be the norm.


The main mode of worship required by Ceriares is simply a good deed, done cheerfully, every single day. She prizes kindness and gentleness highest of all, and abhors any action that would place a single person in danger. Her ordained are all medics of one form or another, and every temple is an infirmary.


It is known that Ceriares has chosen a mortal woman as her Avatar – a cleric of noted healing skill. This Avatar, however, never stayed in the open like other Avatars did. She was sent forth to heal and help people she deemed worthy of aid. All that is known about her is that she is of a disposition that is legendary in its gentleness, kindness, and complete aversion to all forms of violence. Unlike every other Avatar, it is unclear whether or not this woman remains in Aika.


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