Mercine is the goddess of knowledge and prophesy, and is daughter of Vaires and Alrianne. She is often known as the Silent Lady, as she is not known for speaking with anyone – mortal or immortal. She instead grants inspiration and nudges people’s attention towards helpful routes and texts.


Mercine is mostly worshipped by scholars, though her name is invoked when difficult decisions are being made or when wishing someone good fortune. Her temples are found attached to libraries, schools and universities. There are very few rituals in her name, as she teaches that every piece of information learned is a celebration of her. She fondly refers to her few ordained as her Book Worms.


Mercine is one of the few gods that created their Avatars, rather than raising a mortal to her service. Her Avatar is a large Wyrm named Kandra, who delivers prophesies and knowledge to her faithful, once they have proven that they will make something of the information given them – whether for good or ill, Mercine does not particularly care.


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