Morus is the second son of Tembros, younger brother to Vaires. He holds dominion over change, battle, war, and warriors. He is quite a serious and foreboding type of character, who prizes personal strength (both physical and mental) and honour above all things. In his eyes, a sickly child who struggles daily to get out of bed is of more value than a healthy man who does only the minimum amount of work he can.


The worship of Tembros is martial in nature, and his ordained, known collectively as the Flux, are masters of acrobatics, athletic pursuits and physical fighting. They are renowned for their physical prowess, as well as for their fervent protection of their personal honour and the honour of their god.

Rituals involve huge spectacles of acrobatics, sparring, fencing, jousting, archery trials, and sequences of martial attacks. Hymns to Tembros are almost exclusively chants, though there is a handful to be sung by what he, himself, terms “warrior maidens”. There is no record of these hymns ever being sung by anyone.


Morus’ Avatar was a human paladin named Orion, who so pleased Morus through his good works, Morus asked Ceriares to name a constellation after him. Orion was raised as Avatar because he was a powerful warrior who never backed down in the face of adversity. This, along with his willingness to make sacrifices for those he cared about and those who could not take care of themselves, made him worthy in the eyes of Morus.


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