Tembros is known as the Flame Father, and was the fourth god to be birthed by Ahir, with the help of Bel, before the beginning of time. According to The Creation Story (old gods), he was born when a spark was struck between two rocks which were set in motion by Ahir’s laugh. This reflects heavily on his personality: he is a very warm and jovial character, prone to practical jokes and raucous laughter. However, like the flames he holds dominion over, he can be prone to violence given his short temper. This works the other way, however, in that his good spirits return very quickly also.


In the households of those that worship the old gods, there is a small emblem or statue at every hearth, to thank Tembros for warming the house. These small symbols and likenesses can also be found on large chandeliers and candelabrum. Because of this association, the symbol of Tembros is used by the Most Honourable Guild of Chandlers and Lamp-Lighters.

There is only one temple to Tembros, as every house once had a shrine to him (and several had more than one). This temple can be found deep in the frozen mountains of Landras, and is kept by a highly reclusive order of monks known as the Igneous. Their rituals are largely a mystery, as the temple is so remote, and the surrounding mountains so hostile. Once a year, on Tembros’ Feast Day, they set off hundreds of fireworks from sunset to sunrise. This celebration can be seen from a hundred miles away on a clear night.


Tembros is one of the few gods that created his own Avatar, rather than choosing to raise a mortal up to his service. His Avatar takes the shape of a pitch black horse with flaming mane, tail and eyes. His name is Drassa, and he is said to have caused every volcanic eruption and outbreak of forest fire since Alkaen broke the first waves.


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