Vaires is the god of time and of the sun. He is the son of Tembros the Flame-Father, and Aria the Sky-Mother. He is known for his patience and love of all living things, which is why he sheds light on them all, helping them to prosper.


Most of Vaires’ temples are located where there is a lot of sunlight, or where there is very little. His worshippers are usually those who work out of doors, especially farmers who depend so much on the seasons that he has dominion over.

The Rituals of his ordained – the Leiatos – are usually organised by the seasons and the time of the day, with daily rituals at sun rise and sunset. They involve greeting the sun as he rises or falls, and singing a few hymns of thanks and praise. The rituals are usually very short, but they are very frequent.


Vaires’ Avatar was a Dragonborn man named Graff. Graff was chosen because of his patience as a teacher, and for his abilities for caring for animals. He was sent to teach people across the world about the values taught by Vaires. His mission is usually termed “bringing the sun”.


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