Alrianne is known as the Sea-Mother, and is one of the oldest goddesses known in Aika, having been birthed together with Aria by Ahir before the beginning of time. As her title suggests, she is the goddess of water and the ocean, along with all of the aquatic creatures. She is honoured by fishermen, pirates, sailors and those planning to travel across her waves.


There has never been a temple to Alrianne, which is largely because her faithful travel long distances and are away from home for long periods of time. Instead her image is constantly used as figureheads on ships, and busts of her are often located in cabins and in cargo holds. Ship captains often jokingly refer to their ships as “floating temples”, which in the absence of non-floating temples, is a very accurate description.

Offerings of precious gems and metals, as well as flesh offerings to Alrianne are thrown into the sea from ships, docks and off cliffs. The precious items are for the goddess herself, who is known to enjoy all things beautiful, and the flesh offerings were sent to feed her Avatar: a great white whale by the name of Hvalr. These offerings are given during storms, when a ship is becalmed, just before a journey, if cabin fever is beginning to set in, after a successful battle, and any time that the sailors believe that they are running low on good fortune.


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