Bel the tree-father holds dominion over the earth and all the living things on it. It is said that his presence is felt most strongly in the forests of the land. This is why his Temples are only ever found among the trees, and are often found inside the trees themselves, or even high up in the branches.

In every telling of his deeds, Bel is always portrayed as a good-humoured and patient man, or as a great white stag with lanterns in his antlers for guiding lost travellers. These friendly depictions mean that he was widely celebrated and worshipped by the people, especially in Yandril and in Alkaen. His Temples can be found in any forest in Yandril and Alkaen, and in the largest of the forests in Landras, Kamara and Taivas.


As Bel is widely worshipped, even by some people who follow the new gods, so he has many priests and priestesses in his numerous Temples across the world. The temples are usually decorated with flowers and creeping vines, and often have large aviaries full of colourful birds. The songs of these birds are often used to compose various hymns to the Tree Father. Some of the oldest songs are in honour of Bel.

Followers of Bel are fondly referred to as Sprouts (a name given by Bel himself), and those who have been ordained in his name are called Saplings. This is because each person is considered a growing tree in the vast forest of living creatures. The Saplings will take on the name of a tree or flower on the day they are ordained to honour this ideal. Common choices include: Oak, Willow, Lily, Rowan, and Hawthorn.


Bel is the only known god who did not have an avatar. This is because he would personally walk the earth and speak to his people. There are several old tapestries and portraits depicting his visits to various temples across the world. These are highly valued by the temples and private collectors that keep them, none of which have been sold in living memory.


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