The Creation Story (old gods)

In the beginning there was only Ahir, floating in the centre of the universe with all the little pieces that make up everything. But Ahir was lonely, and from its tears grew Alrianne the sea-mother and from its sighs grew Aria the sky-mother. Finally with companions, Ahir grew calm and slept, and from the sand in its great eye grew Bel the tree-father. The next day, Ahir listened to its companions talking and joking together, and its laughter at one of Bel’s jokes bounced off a rock, causing it to crash into another rock, creating a spark. From this spark grew Tembros the flame-father.

Alrianne was a moody and tempestuous woman, and the men found it difficult to read her moods. Aria, on the other hand, was flighty and flirty and both of them took a liking to her. Through her, Bel fathered a daughter called Ceriares, the goddess of the moon, women and healing. Tembros also fathered a child through her: a son called Vaires, the god of time and of the sun.

Because of his understanding of the power of time, Vaires managed to grow close to Alrianne, learning her moods and how to navigate them. With her he fathered Mercine the goddess of knowledge and prophesy.

Together the gods created a world like this one, and from this world grew all of the plants and animals we find here. People grew here too. And among them was Plene, a beautiful maiden with a very strong mind. For a week, Tembros yearned for her, before he finally went to her and fathered his son, Morus god of war and change. He fell in love with Plene and stayed true to the girl for the rest of her life.

Morus grew fascinated with Alrianne because she was as changeable as he. Together they brought Ascliatus into the world. Ascliatus is the god of darkness and death. He was very jealous of Ceriares’ glowing light and beauty, and constantly put her down and played tricks on her, until one day he took his joking too far and made her cry. Her tears spread all across the sky to sparkle there like diamonds for all time.

Tired of his disruptive behaviour and of the demons he kept as servants, and angered by Ascliatus’ creation of lycanthropy, Ahir decreed that Ascliatus would be locked away somewhere he could punish the wicked without bothering the other gods or harming the people.

But everywhere they put him, he broke free easily. Until, frustrated and infuriated, Tembros trapped him in a great ball of liquid fire. Determined to keep him there, Bel covered the fire with earth, though the heat caused sections of the land to expand in different places. Alrianne decided to help, and covered the earth in water, which flowed off the high places and into the crevasses. Aria then encased the whole thing in a sphere of air.

In order to ensure that this would finally be proved to work, Ahir laid down a special rune called The Sitovat and the gods use it to reinforce the seals every six hundred years, as Ascliatus has never stopped trying to escape.

After one hundred years, many creatures were living happily on this new world, Mercine lay with a man named Mirus. Mirus was a very bad and cruel man, and was such a practiced liar that he managed to hide this from her. She bore a set of evil twins through their union; the goddess of lies and trickery, Vaista, and the god of deception, assassins and poison, Neptua. Mercine could now see that she was destined to bring evil into the world, but if she refused someone else would bear something far worse. So, with a heavy heart, she lay with Morus and bore the chaotic evil Vora, whose first for blood and riches knows no bounds. Determined to bind Vora as it had bound Ascliatus, Ahir encased him in a tower of runes that looks like purple crystal. Vora’s influence still spreads, but his power is mostly contained.

The Creation Story (old gods)

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